Aquarium fish List

> Angel fish
> Arowana fish
> Barb fish
> Betta fish
> Brackish fish
> Catfish fish
> Crossbreed Cichlid
> Danio fish
> Discus fish
> Eel fish
> Goldfish fish
> Gourami fish
> Guppy fish
> Knife fish
> Koi fish
> Malawi Cichlid
> Tangayika Cichlid
> Loach fish
> Molly fish
> Oscar fish
> Platy fish
> Rainbow fish
> Rasbora fish
> Sharks fish
> Snail
> South American Cichlid
> Stingray
> Swordtail fish
> Tetras fish
> Turtle
Miscellaneous fish


We are once of the leader Ornamental fish exporter in Thailand  We are collector and exporter aquarium fish company base in Bangkok Thailand. we are biggest network breeding farm and catch collector from wide river that we available supplies all kind of aquarium fish and we available choice the best of aquarium fish supplier for deliver high quality and reasonable price to customer.  We are Ornamental fish exporter company under control by Inland Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute (AAHRI) , Department of Fisheries of Thailand. (register approve no TH1031060056) that confirm our company operate with standard for export to all country and we can prepare all document on request.

"We not promise our price cheap than other exporter but we promise deliver quality products for competitive of your business"

  • complete facility in-house for  aquarium fish exporter company. (quarantine, packing material and equipment machine , transportation and delivery services)
  • all fish for export must in-house quarantine at least 4-7 days before ship that for prepare fish on good condition for transportation to customer. So lead time order process 1-2 week before ship.
  • we can confirm details of order before ship. (kind of fish and size) if some kind not available we will inform to customer decision.
  • we guarantee alive delivery all aquarium fish on the best condition if had DOA , we compensate 100%
  • we select the best condition of flight & freight for ship fish to customers because this is important factor for total cost.  we are network of breeding farm , fish collector , importer and exporter in Thailand.
we can choice the best deliver to our customers.

Koi fish breeding farm

Malawi cichlid fish breeding farm

Quality Aquarium fish supplies List. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Aquarium fish Thailand

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Crossbreed Cichlid




If you looking for freshwater ornamental tropical fish exporter or livestock supplier for aquarium fish exporter for help your growth up business ,We are ... answer

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